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Advanced Notepad and Text editor
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AnT Android

Latest features:
• Image Editor
Encrypted pics
• Audio/Video player
• Video frame capture
• Bluetooth Print
• Camera SecurePic
Ҡгyptøя™ file encryption

AnT the Android

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Saubers User Interface

Search & Menu
AnT Search & Menu
Only 1 tap to set the font, font size, color theme, wrap, centered text, view stats, Search, recent list, view html, create or open a new file, save it, share it, move the menu, flip the top bar, open Scipher or Settings.
And all happen INSTANTLY. (No animations that hide flaws or spying code)
Recently added:
Long Tap Gear icon to set Opacity, Info icon to open Foto viewer.

File Explorer
AnT Explorer
Only 1 tap to open Favorite folders, create a folder, search current file, browse back, view properties, rename or delete a file, install an app or wallpaper and one more to convert a charset, set a filter or line ending for windows Notepad.
Recently added:
Text & Image Preview. Open Image, Hex file, Extract a Zip. Copy/Paste (Long Tap to Zip/Share). SdCard0/SdCardExt/USB shows after taping Favorites. Favorites include: Download/ Bluetooth/ Images/ Hidden files. Long Tap Search icon to open Favorites/Drives.
Audio/Video Headers Preview & Players.

AnT Settings
Minimal, one page settings. Langage is automatic and can be written by the user (Translate + External)
The wallpaper feature requires a Licence.
Recently added:
Wallpaper Packs, Public & Private (encrypted). Download Packs. Create Packs. Updated Help.

Note 1: This single-handed / One Tap UI was written for android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and today is still much more performant and usable than android 7 (Nougat), especially on the latest huge screen phones.
AnT involved 15 months of developement over 4 years and has been used DAILY on more than 22 different devices, for all those 4 years, without any problem.
But should you find a bug, please let us know.

Note 2: The truly and totally free version, AnT Twitr edition, allows to edit up to 140 characters, for life, which is enough for an american president.
Should you need more, you will need to purchase a Licence for the modest sum of $19.95, a tiny fraction of our developement costs.
Should you make that wise decision (while our website is still up) you will also get the ability to use wallpapers from your gallery, download Packs & Special editions, protect photos, and also get an upgrade to other apps that use the same Licence format (PrivateCam, FOTO, MyStuff, Crooper, ...).

The AnT Licence is VALID FOR LIFE and stays active if you un-install the app, as we know you will surely regret it and install AnT again :)
Be smart !

In short, AnT Notepad Cipher is the most awesome Notepad/Text editor, with the most awesome Image viewer/Editor that can keep your texts & images TOTALLY PRIVATE

Nota bene:
AnT is not a toy
All encryption used in AnT is of professional level and will protect your data long after you're kaput.


Get Licence Codes for only $4 or less !

AnT is the best notepad on android and many people would gladly pay a few dollars for it's full use.
Unfortunately, to reach these people, developers need to spend a fortune to corporations on marketing, ads, etc, which makes the price of an app prohibitive, or to infest it with spyware and ads, which is against Saubers policies.

We have then created a system where anyone can resell licences without promotional costs, using word of mouth, social media followers or personal networks.
If facebook, twitter or instagram is your thing, you can make an easy income without investement, by just promoting AnT and set your own price, lower than our list price.

To learn how simple it is, tap the link below:


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