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SSN2ULC is an App that allow to create and sell Saubers Licence codes.

Resellers can buy at 20% or less of normal price. Ex: Only $1 instead of $5 if buy 10 or more.

Here is how it works:
- Reseller buy credits at discount price, between $2 and $0.4 per credit, depending on quantity.
- Reseller spend 1 (one) credit to issue a Licence Code.

Getting credits

1) Reseller request credits
(Menu/Get Credits)

Enter credits to request (2) then Tap "Request", and next dialog Tap "Send"

2) Reseller pay for credits

Tap on the prefered payment. After payment a Token will be shown.

3) Reseller save Credits Token
Copy / paste the Token and save as "SaubersCredits.txt" to your "Download" folder.

Or (better) Scroll down

Answer the security question, in english, then Tap "Save Now". If a dialog appear, save to "Download" folder.

4) Reseller load credits into App
(Menu/Get Credits)

Tap "LOAD". Credits will be added and the total shown in the top bar.

Issuing a Licence Code

1) Reseller input Serial N°
(By hand, or by receiving through bluetooth / WiFi from AnT customer)

Tap "Done" to check validity

2) Reseller issue a Licence Code
Tap Green label "SSN is Valid"

Tap "OK" to issue the Licence Code. One (1) Credit will be deducted from the total available, and shown on the top bar. The transaction is also recorded for later use.

3) Reseller send the Licence Code
(Menu/Send ULC)

Tap "Send ULC". Licence Code may be sent through Bluetooth, WiFi, Email or other medium.

4) Customer validate the Licence Code

Customer type the Code and Tap "Validate". (Code is shown if sent by reseller or pasted into AnT)

If you are interested in being a reseller please email us at:

Credit's Unit price
Purchase Quantity Unit price US$
1 - 4 2
5 - 9 1.5
10 - 39 1
40 - 99 0.8
100 - 399 0.6
400 - 999 0.5
1000 and more 0.4