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Getting started

Add an audio file:
- Click the [+] icon in the Playlist area
- Drag and drop an Audio/Video file into the Playlist area
- Right Click the Playlist icon and select "Add files"   (Left Click to Show/Hide the playlist)
- Right Click the Player's body to open the Main menu and select "Play files"

Resize the Playlist vertically:
- Click the icon to switch between Short and Tall view.
- Click and DRAG it to adjust the height of the current view.
- Open Settings/Player and set 'Playlist Rows"

Resize the Playlist Horizontally:
- Click the icon to switch between Narrow and Wide view.
This icon is also present in Equalizer and Phone skins.

Find audio files:
For files that have been played at least once
- Click the [♥] favorites icon in the Playlist area
- Click the [o] magnifier icon in the Playlist area
- Click the [|-] library icon in the Playlist area
For files that have never been played
1- Right Click the body to open the main menu
2- Select "PowerTools" then "Search and rescue"
3- Select a folder then click "Listen"
A playlist will be created with all playable files (To save it click the diskette icon). Files will be added to the library.

Settings and Help:
- RIGHT Click the Alpha 2 Icon at the TOP LEFT
- Open the main menu and select "Settings" or "Help"
- Click the Gear icon on new and phone skins

About, Version and Update:
- DOUBLE Click the Alpha 2 Icon at the TOP LEFT
- Open the main menu and select "About ALPHA 2"
- Open the main menu and select "Devices"

Mouse Control (Basics)

Most important controls that you must absolutely know to use Alpha 2.

Mouse Control (Advanced)

Mouse Control (Others / Phone Skin)

Playlist / File operations

Drag and Drop to Add files (and Play if Setting / Player / AutoPlay is checked)
Click to select, Double click to play.
Select, multi-select, re-order.
Use icons to Save, Remove & add Playlist(s), add & remove tracks,

Right click files in the playlist for more options

Mini Player

To hide the Mini Player:
- Right click on body to open Menu
- Select Hide or Set > Auto Hide (10 s)

You may also right click on the Taskbar Icon

If you need more control but still save desktop space use a small skin

Keyboard Control

On Key UP (One time action when release the key)
ActionKeyMouse equivalent
Add files[Ins] (Insert)Click + in Playlist
Add folder[Shift][Ins]Right Click + in Playlist
Play[Enter]Double click in Playlist
Pause/Resume[Space Bar]Click Play button
Stop[Esc]Click Stop button
Play First file[HOME]
Play Last file[END]
Previous file[Backspace]Click Previous button
Next file[\], [Shift][Backspace]Click Next button
Forward 5 seconds[>]Right click speed Up
Rewind 5 seconds[<]Right click Speed Down
Speed Up[+]Click speed Up
Speed Down[-]Click Speed Down
Remove entry[Del]Right Click - in Playlist
Remove from Lib[Shift][Del]Menu
Jump to position 0%[0]
Jump to position 10%[1]
... 20, 30, 40[2] [3] [4]
Jump to position 50%[5]
... 60, 70, 80[6] [7] [8]
Jump to position 90%[9]

On Key Press (Repeat action when hold the key)
ActionKeyMouse equivalent
Volume down[<-] (Arrow key)
Volume up[->]
Balance Left[Shift][<-]Set vol with Right button
Balance Right[Shift][->]

Function keys
KeyOpen the following
F5Smart Playlist Maker
F6Properties / Tagger
F8Settings / Control panel






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CD Ripper





Search and Rescue

Image viewer

Smart Playlist Maker



New releases


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