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Getting a License

A Licence enable the download of additional codecs, plugins, updates, email support, disable ads and adds professional features.

Get a License by supporting Alpha 2 with a donation. Give what you want, though there is a minimum of $3 due to bank fees.

  • Best way
  • Avoid typing mistakes: Open ALPHA 2 Settings, Click [Register] then click [GET LICENSE KEY]
    Register Help
    Alternatively, Enter the Serial No below
    Serial No:

  • Get an INSTANT Licence
  • With Credit Card / PayPal ...

  • Get a Licence with a Token
  • Registration Code obtained from a reseller

  • Get a free Licence
  • You may get a free licence if you are: Or some other case. Just request below

  • Request using EMAIL
  • *A $2 surcharge may apply

    Email with:
    1. Serial No

    2. Prefered payment method:

    3. Any enquiries you may have

    A Licence code will be emailed to you after payment / approval.


    A Licence is
    - Valid for life, on one device.
    - Persistant.*
    - Valid for other apps (AnT, PrivateCam, etc...)

    * Your Licence will still be valid after you un-install and re-install ALPHA 2, no need to purchase again. (Just don't delete the SysLib folder)
    We still advise to use a valid email address when registering and keep a back-up of your Licence Key on a piece of paper.