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Today's world: OWN or BE OWNED
Free & ad ridden apps are allowed to steal all your photos, texts, passwords, etc... if they send it to google, facebook and other mass surveillance corporations.
Without YOUR permission.
Without YOUR knowledge.

Saubers Apps don't own you. No ads or creepy APIs.
YOU own them.

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Advanced Notepad and Text editor
with Scipher™

Super simple to use as a Notepad, Memo or To-do list but also an Advanced text editor with a high level of automation.
Include Saubers Scipher™ to keep data private & send unaltered messages through mediums which normally block encrypted messages.
Learn more at AnT's home page

Coming next:
- MyStuff: Your important data anywhere, anytime, always.
- Bonk: The only way to send a message in total privacy.
- BS: Browser Safe, no bullshit.
- IS: ImageSafe, Invisible by default.
- Icom: Messenger, decentralised, invisible, uncrackble.