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Photo viewer with SecurePic™


Secret stuff (don't tell anyone!):

Help 1

Left means the LEFT Mouse button
Right means ... guess what ?

WinFitImage means ... Window fit image

Type " -> ONE Double quote
Ex: .png" -> Only files ENDING with ".png" will be shown (xx.png.spic will not)

Convert JXL: Only JPEG, PNG, GIF & PNM are converted with "effort" set to 3 (small & fast).
Convert Spic: Lossless mode is used.
Convert JPG/JXL: Progressive mode is OFF

Delete System: Files cannot be wiped unless recovered with a forensic app. Better use Trash or Wipe
Delete Wipe: Files cannot be recovered, even with a forensic app.

More Secret stuff :):

Help 1

Some Right click functions may not be implemented yet.

Saving / Converting images

If you need to
- Edit them later
- Keep an original, perfect copy

- If your image has transparency, use:
PNG: Highly compatible, Slower, smaller size
Webp in Lossless mode: Good Compatibility, Slower, great compression
SecurePic in Lossless mode: Encrypted, Only FOTO can open it, good speed, best compression
JXL in Lossless mode: Compatible in near future, Slowest, great compression

- If your image has NO transparency, use:
Webp in Lossless mode: Good Compatibility, Slow, great compression
SecurePic in Lossless mode: Encrypted, Only FOTO can open it, good speed, best compression
BMP: Highly compatible, Fast, low compression
PNM: Linux compatible, Fast, low compression

While BMP support alpha transparency there are too few editors that can read it (FOTO can)
While TIFF support alpha transparency there are compatibility problems between editors

If you need to
- Use them on a website
- Send to social media

- If your image has transparency, use:
PNG: Highly compatible, high quality
GIF: Highly compatible, low quality

- If your image has NO transparency, use:
JPEG: Highly compatible, good quality
Webp: Less compatible, best quality

Editing images

FOTO is a Viewer and Converter. While the most important editing tools will be added in time, FOTO will never be a full featured editor.

Here are some of the best editors we know of:
- PhotoFiltre Studio X
- RealWorld Paint
- PhoXo

We can't recomend any viewer. They are either bloated or have too many bugs. That's why we made FOTO :)

Expert settings

Help 1

Lock ...
If the Vault is NOT opened, the 2 favorite folders (Fav folders) become private and cannot be opened or set.

Allow ...
Overwrite image file when saving / deleting etc ... even if the file is set as read-only.

Force ...
Load BMPs with a transparent (alpha) layer so you may cut some parts to be transparent.
(Temporarly, this must be checked if the filename include non-european characters like russian or chinese. Will be fixed later)

The Vault

The Vault is a secure repository for the passwords used in SecurePic images.

Unlike FOTO in PrivatCam or Ant for Android you cannot open a secured image by entering its password.
You must enter its password ONCE in the Vault and Open the Vault, then the image will be automatically decrypted when you open it.

Thus you only have to remember 1 password, the MASTER PASS used to open the Vault.


Before you set a Master pass, ALWAYS write it down on a piece of paper.

Help 1

- Text input
This is where you enter a password (or a Master Pass reminder)
Then click on the 3 dots button to select an action.
You may click on a row to fill it with a password (To set the default saving password)

- 3 dots button
This is where you select an action
If you select NEW, you will be asked for a label.
If you select SAVING password, this the password that will be suggested when you save a SecurePic image. You may change it, but if you do, enter the password in the Vault so the image can be decrypted later.

The best way to encrypt images is to
- Create / Select a password in the Vault
- Set it as SAVING pass
- Save images as SecurePic keeping the (saving) pass unchanged.

- Edit a Password
Right click on a row. You'll be asked for the new Pass and Label.

- Delete a Password
Click the checkbox on a row then click the [X] button.
You should delete unused passwords (If you are sure no images use it), that will make decrypting a bit faster as this pass will not be tried anymore.

- CLOSE button
This close the Vault window only. The Vault is still open and anyone can see the encrypted images.

- LOCK button
This CLOSE THE VAULT (and window) but NOT the current image. Other SecurePic images will not be decrypted anymore (Unless the Pass is empty).

- PANIC button
The RED LOCK Panic button (Top right)
- CLOSE THE VAULT (and window),
If you're wiewing nature images and grandma is coming in, that's the button you should click.

Panic btn

Editing images

Panic btn

- Click the Resize button (Center)
- Zoom the image to desired size using the mouse wheel, the keyboard or the arrow keys
- Click the Apply button (✔)

Select / Crop
- Click the Select/Crop button (2nd from Left)
- Move the select area: mouse left button down
- Adjust the select area: Yellow/Red circle
- To Crop, Click the Apply button (✔)
- For other options Right click inside the area to open a Menu

Colors / Filters
- Click the Color button (1st from Left)
- Select the Effect, Brush or filter from the Green bar
- Ajust the effect value with the slider then click the Apply button (✔) to apply changes.


Enter   if Panel_Password is Visible then Button_Accept_Click
          if Audio player is Visible then PlayPause click

ESC   if slider is Visible then slide up

Space   Button FIT / Zoom Click

Arrow Up   Zoom out
    Shift   MoveImage('up')

Arrow Down   Zoom in
    Shift   MoveImage('down')

Arrow Left   Previous image
    Shift:   MoveImage('left')

Arrow Right   Next image
    Shift   MoveImage('right')

DEL     Delete (Trash)
  Shift   Delete (System)

Key A   Audio Panel Open

Key C   Close Image
  Ctrl   Copy To Clipboard
   Alt   Copy to Folder

  Key E   Set Edit Mode

Key F   Files Panel Show

Key M   Menu Show
    Alt   Move to Folder

Key O   Open file

Key P   Pictures folder Open

Key R   Rotate right
  Shift   Rotate left
  Ctrl   Rename

Key S   Settings Open
  Shift   Save Image

Key V   Vault Open
  Ctrl   Paste From Clipboard

Key F11   Switch Full Screen;

Key F12   Vault Open
        Panel_Password slideUp