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Current version:   (2023 Feb 01)

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Change log:
5 months of minor updates
Batch Spic now saves in SecPic3 format
- in Quantum mode if set in Save panel
Security updates
New Logo
Bug fix:
- File deleted & Folder become empty
- Paste from Clipboard 0 px -> error div by Zero
Drag & Drop image from Browser:
- Display image if data is binary
- Download & Display image if data is URL Image Context Menu -> "Paste":
- Download & Display Image if Clipboard is a URL
Main menu:
- Open Local (Drive & Lan)
- Open Remote (URL)
- Open Cache (Downloaded images)
- Moved "Send to" between "Save" & "Close"
- SecurePic 3 (UltraSec)
- Quantum Mode
- Kryptor
- New cipher: Cast256, Tea, GOST
- Menu file: Change Password
- Menu file: Restore to original
- New Modes: CTR, CFB, OFB
- Output as Hex
- Fully compat with FOTO Android
- Updated Menus
- Show Loaded Audio filename
- Option to Wipe after encrypt
- hash timing
- Drag & Drop .enc files into Kryptor / Player
- mime type
- Header Hex
- Header Ascii
- Added Verification, .enc -> .en+
- Auto Verify if under 10MB
- Ask to verify if over 10MB
- Vault timer show time remaining + Icon flash
- Added "forgot ?"
- Open folder skip big images
- Open folder improvements
- Consolidated with AnT Notepad & PrivateCam (Common standard, AnT / PCam can now load a PassList from FOTO PC)
- MasterList -> PassList
- FOTO Backup -> FOTO_PList_22-05-14_15-26-08.rtf
- Added Vault lock timer
  • Zoom label shows time left if under 3 mn
  • Panic icon flash if time left is under 1 mn
- Updated Vault icon
- Did some optimizations
- Added Zipped images (Images in zip container)
  • Images are unzipped in AppDataPath/UnZippedFiles
  • Added .zip as a standard ext
  • Clear folder UnZippedFiles on Exit
  • Path shows Zip file
  • Metadata Viewer shows UnZipped file
  • Image Info shows "Image is in Zip container"
  • Image Info shows Both headers
- FileList updated
- Updated JPEG now Load fully when wrong ext AND mix of unicode chars
- Equates '' with '.spic' for compatibility with FOTO Android & AnT (.spic files send with bluetooth)
- Added .zip as a standard ext
- Equates Non-zip files with '.zip' extension as '.spic' (fake zip, .spic renamed)
- Added Hashes:
  • RipeMD-160, Tiger-192
- Cryptor:
  • Added file icon
  • Improved last typed text
- Improved obfuscation
- Improved encryption
- When send ".spic" to bluetooth:
  • Copy to AppDataPath/BTsend & Add ".zip"
- When send empty ext to bluetooth
  • Copy to AppDataPath/AppDataPath/BTsend & Add ".(Format)"
- Clear folder BTsend on Exit.
- Added file Enc/Dec Ciphers:
  • Blowfish, Twofish
  • Serpent, IDEA
  • RC6, RC4
  • Added messages & timing info
  • Added limit 1 MB for non-licenced users
- File Btn Select changes:
  • Left -> Invert selection
  • Right -> clear all
- Key E set Edit mode
- Added file Encrypt/Decrypt (AES)
- Added file hash computation
- Completed Crypto Panel
- Added popup menu to list items
  • Copy, Move, Rename, Wipe
- Image's popup menu changes:
  • Removed Rename
  • Hide Cut in View mode
  • Reordered Reload / Bluetooth
- Added FFD8FF?? as image/jpeg_?
- LED Right click -> Show / Hide player
- LED Left click -> Msg if no tracks in playlist
- Zoom indicator Right click -> Set zoom to 100%
- Label Info Click: Toggle Background (Transparent / Black)
- Label Info Dbl Click: Full Image Info
- Improved Copy / Move / Wipe code (Included Read-only Auto & Manual)
- Wipe from menus set image as bitmap & refresh list
- Updated Logo in About
- Added Toast "Please wait" & hourglass cursor to all Batch ops
- Added Send Image To Bluetooth
- Added menu icons
- Added file associations (Up to Win 8)
- Added OS info
Incase of file corruption:
  • Create Licence copy (Auto repair)
  • Create MasterPass copy
  • Create MasterList copy (Auto repair)
- Send MasterList to (Bluetooth)
- Increased security
- Create MasterList Backup
- Load MasterList Backup
- Load MasterList External
- Save as Spic without licence
- New formats:
  • SVG (Read)
  • TGA Targa (Read)
  • ICO: Save as (Any size)
  • RLE (Read)

- Added JXL "Smaller size" (Effort)
- Added JXL "Smaller setting: 3 to 7
- Added 2nd Background: Set Color
- Added 2nd Background: Checkboard
- Alpha to color for lossy modes
- Show Load time in Caption
- Show Save time in Save panel
- Right mouse button:
  • Prev -> 1st image
  • Next -> last image
  • Slideshow -> start/stop Audio

- Added leading 0 on Batch Rename
- File list / Btn Select
  • Left button: Select ALL
  • Right button: DeSelect ALL

- Audio Player:
  - Added filetype detect in dialog:
  • Reset seek on Prev/Next
  • Added Time elapsed / remain (click on time to switch)
  • Added Send file to trash (Right button)

- SecurePic:
  • Added "+ mode"
  • Automatic on some images
  • Setting in "Advanced"
  • Add + to filename if used
  • Half size in lossless or lossy mode
  • 2/4 time better quality in lossy mode
  • 2 time faster to load
  • 2 time longer to save

- Progressive mode setting saved
- Optimized Lossy modes
- Skip last item if unreadable
- Fixed BMP with Russian/Chinese filename
- Improved Webp transparency
- Smart detection for .ico/.cur/.tga
- Auto select 32/64 bits
- Code improvements - 2022
- Added JXL (Jpeg XL) Open & Save
- Added JXL to Batch ops
- Added Q & Mode to lossy formats
    Ex: Mypic_q75_m_p.jxl [.jpg, .webp]
    (Quality 75, modular, progressive)
- Added Q & Mode to Batch convert
- Fixed Unicode for JXL
- Added quality index for Lossy formats
- Image Menu DEL -> to Trash
- Added Shredder in Menu / Tools
- Added WIPE in Menu / File
- Edit mode -> Keep same file name
- Paste from Clipboard in Edit mode -> Keep same file name
- Paste from Clipboard in View mode -> Set new name
- Save: Left click open image Dir
- Save: Right click open last Save Dir
- GetFileType() Added FLIF, JP2, BGP
- Updated many tool tips / Hints
- Code improvements
Batch ops: Convert to SecurePic (option: overwrite)
Batch ops: Convert to Jpeg / Webp (option: overwrite)
Convert only relevant: ico, cur, icns > NO
Webp to Jpg/webp NO
SecurePic always in lossless mode
Widen Batch panel
Added Search End of filename, uses ", Ex: .png" get png extensions
Drop multiple files:
- Image: First one is shown
- Audio/Video files: All added to playlist & started if Set in Settings/General
Added webp to external album cover (Alpha 2 cover)
Batch ops: Rename Filename & Ext
File list: Search
Added Settings / General / Stay On Top
Audio player:
Added Settings / General / Play audio files on drag & drop
Added Settings / Advanced / Startup Play audio
Handle errors on bad mp4 tracks
Get metadata for Ogg, Opus, FLAC, Mp4, Wma
Show Cover of Alpha 2 cover
Get metadata for ID3v1
Show Cover of Ogg coverart
Set Limits for window position
Setup translation
Added File > Copy to
Added File > Move to
Added File > Set / Remove read-Only status
JPEG lossless removed
Added loadtime in PastefromClipboard
Set readonly / hidden to "Not a file" when image is clipboard/edit
Ctrl R for Rename
DEL => Trash,
SHIFT DEL => delete
Paste Album cover set properties
Audio Player SAVE / LOAD Playlist, M3U compat with Alpha 2
Audio player Load files in unicode
Audio player Load / play audio files from shell
Audio player Load / play audio files in file list (IF view all files)
Added Select/Deselec ALL files btn in File viewer
Select / Change folder: 1st Item is Selected
Select / Change folder: List is focused
All formats can save with any/none extension
If save in same folder Rebuild and select current
Fixed: Dialog: Ext adds 2 dots to filename 15878.jpg..jpg
Fixed: Dialog does not show files with no ext
Fixed: When rename Form caption not updated
Fixed: XPM save from jpg is BLACK
Fixed: top info show RAM: xxx kB -> KB
Fixed PasteFromClipboard & Edit Info
Added Associate with .spic in Settings/Advanced
New logo
Fixed fullscreen
Fixed: Open from shell same dir, build filelist if listview empty
BigPic loading delayed (Viewer show first with "Loading ...")
Bass loaded dynamically & Delayed
Bass to SysLib as plugin (like webp)
All dlls as plugin
FOTO.exe is portable
New Webp lib, does not require VC++ runtime 2015
Open Panel_Batch bring Panel_File to front
Player -> "Loop Track"
All dlls except BASS moved to SysLib
Fixed: Batch panel position on rare windows 10 versions
Fixed: Save as Webp

Thank you to all testers :)