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Latest Version: 4.0-221104
(2022 11 04 - Android (649 KB)

- Android 2.33 to 12
- 2 MB of storage space
- 256 MB of RAM, 1 GB recommended

- Enable installation from Unknown sources (Settings/Security)
- Tap the FOTO_1.x-xxxxx.apk file
- Tap Allow / Install etc ... - Tap the FOTO icon to start the app

MD5: bc43bf88b744d1a6030810261b0ccefe
Open FOTO_1.x.apk into FOTO/Kryptor)

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Folders info:

The "FOTO" folder is where are saved "Public" images. This folder may be scanned by the Media Scanner and photos appear in the Gallery.

The "FOTO/.Private" folder is where are saved "Private" images. This folder should not be scanned by the Media Scanner but it will certainly be checked out by some "services".

The ONLY truly private images are those in SecurePic format with a strong password.

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Please send us feedback if you'd like anything to be implemented.

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Test-Images in SecurePic format:
To view images which have a Password, you need first to Set a MasterPass for the Vault, then add the image password to the list

Pass: null (NoExt) Pass: '123' (.spic) Pass: null (.jpg) Pass: girl (zipped)

If you have a website you may easily restrict viewing images to selected visitors this way:

<img src="realpic" width="80" height="80" alt="" style="display: inline-block; background-image: url('coverpic.jpg');" />

coverpic.jpg is a jpeg/png/gif equal to width x height. That is the image that is visible to everyone.

realpic is a SecurePic image, with or without password.
- Any filename may be used.
- Any extension may be used.
- Without a ".spic" extension, no one can know it is a SecurePic
- With a password, no one can know it is a SecurePic
The SecurePic image may be zipped (without pass), it will become a zip file. Again, any or no extension can be used. (Btw, there are zero benefit of zipping a SecurePic)

Next, just tell your selected visitors to drag the image into FOTO and give them the password if any. (Filename may be the password :)