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Map ITC Bali - Block A No 69
Denpasar 43669, Bali
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Tita 88
Titanium 32 diamonds

Platinum plated
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Black Demon
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Tita 666
Titanium - 66

Bon ben c'est du text pour remplir le vide, so comme ca on peut voir ou est-ce que le bottom appear. So I need a long text to show it, where the "More" and the price will show so you know it is working without bugs hehe oh let's make a space

yes a space haha Sawat di krah
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NOTICE: Situs ini sedang di bangun
2015 Jan 12 by Eddy Snowden

Situs ini sedang di bangun. Semuanya adalah CONTOH sahaja, bukan benaran!

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