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Open Products page

Tap on Products icon

Select Job

  • Tap the [NEW] button to CREATE a new product
  • Tap a product in the list to EDIT it

  • Required

  • Set a unique name
  • Set a Category

  • Minimum to apppear in Sales page

  • Set Active
  • Set Stock > 0
  • Set a Price (recommended)

  • Other entries

  • Minim: To give a low stock warning
  • Cost: To calculate profit
  • Whole: Wholesale price
  • M.O.Q: Minimum quatity to enable Wholesale price
  • Weight: To calculate shipping cost (in grams)
  • Wrty: Warranty (shown on receipt)
  • Barcode: Attribute a Barcode No to this product (Shown below the Name)

  • Finalize

  • Create / Edit: Tap the Check mark
  • Clear entries: Tap the Cross mark
  • Print: Tap the Print icon

  • View Products

  • Tap the filter selector (bottom left)