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Saubers's SSform allow your website's visitors to send you a message, subscribe to a mail list, download a file and more. SSform comes in the form of a button or text of your choice. Sophisticated inside but simple and fun at the outside it is a child's play to implement.

Have a look at SSform by clicking one of the following:   Mail   [Mail2]   Contact(1)   Contact(2)   Subscribe   DL

SSform is a professionally written application. SSform works without the side effects and problems that other form mail commonly bring.
With SSform,

With SSform, you can:
SSform requires:
Some SSform features:

Reference Documents:

SSform User Manual (Rev 1.0)
All you need to know to implement SSform on your website.

Download options:
Free, Lite or Full PRO version are available.

SSform Free (Rev 1.0)
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SSform Lite (Rev 1.5)
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SSform PRO (Rev 2.0)
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$ 5.99 USD

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