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PrivateCam Lite

Download the APK (v 22.0, 499 KB)
How to install an APK ?

Install from Playstore (v 8.0)

No more available *

Download the Playstore APK (v 8.0)

Get it from Amazon (v 5.0)

Versions before 20.0 do not include Photo Editor, Vault nor any languages and are now DEPRECATED. Change log

PrivateCam 22.0-221104
Size: 511355 bytes
MD5: eb3eff7d32b518ec26b5dd3ae85ac172
(Check the MD5 with AnT using Kryptor)

* As a privacy-focused app, PrivateCam is no longer compatible with the latest requirements from Pleystore.

If you do not have a Licence please upgrade, it cost almost nothing

Installing an APK file

An APK file is the application file.
(The file extension is ".apk")

- If you have the Pleystore app:
Open the app, Open the menu and deselect "Pley Protect". This option blocks install of apps that are not from the Pleystore.

- Go to Device Settings > Security and Check "Unknown sources".
If you cannot find it, read below*
(Skip this step if you have a Samsung)

- Slide down the notifications and Tap on the APK file you just downloaded.

If you can't find the file, Open your file explorer to folder 'Download' and Tap the APK file

- Follow instructions.
(Tap install, Install, Open)

*On recent devices (10+):
- Go to Device Settings
- Apps & ... > Special app access > Install unknown apps
- Select an app with a file explorer and click 'Allow'
- Use this app to find the APK then Tap on it

Important Note::
Only APKs downloaded from Saubers Technologies are guaranteed to be original, safe and un-tampered.
Because PrivateCam does not store your photos online, some apps or services on your device may prevent it from installing or running properly.
If your device is working correctly you should disable any auto-updates so it does not get "modified".