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PrivateCam™ - Private photos
with SecurePic™




All chip features
Private Gallery
Photo Editor
Password Vault
Smaller size photos
+ FOTO Compatible

PrivateCam does not use any 3rd party code or services AT ALL. It will run on any phone with original, un-modified Android like those which do not have gogle pley services.
It is your responsibility to disable auto-updates on apps or services that can modify your Android OS and prevent safe apps to run correctly.

PrivateCam does not use nor require internet permission.
You can easily check that PrivateCam doesn't send your photos anywhere by using an app like NetGuard.

Nota bene:

PrivateCam is not a toy.

Encryption used in PrivateCam is of professional level and will protect your photos long after you're kaput.

New in 2020 !
FOTO for PC is an amazing Image viewer that can open SecurePic photos created with PrivateCam, on your BIG screen PC / Laptop.
FOTO also includes a full featured audio player !

FOTO + Player
An easy to use 2 in 1 app that can replace most of the bloatware/Data mining apps installed by default on your PC.


Get Licence Codes with huge discount

PrivateCam is simply the safest camera on android and many people would gladly pay a few dollars for it's full use.
Unfortunately, to reach these people, developers need to spend a fortune to corporations on marketing, ads, etc, which makes the price of an app prohibitive, or to infest it with spyware and ads, which defeat privacy.

We have then created a system where anyone can resell licences without promotional costs, using word of mouth, social media followers or personal networks.
If facebook, twitter or instagram is your thing, you can make an easy income without investement, by just promoting PrivateCam and set your own price.

To learn how simple it is, tap the link below:

Privacy Policy