Apps for Droid & PC *

Today's "Free" apps are expensive ! Their ads / spyware suck internet credits, fill memory, kill batteries & control your device.

Saubers CLEANWARE apps use small & efficient in-house code, have a free forever 'try-before-you-buy' version & an affordable upgrade licence. No ads or spyware. YOU own them.

MyShop logo

Easy Point of Sales
for Android

INTUITIF. Designed in collaboration with shop owners MyShop™ works just like humans do.

SAFE. All data is saved on the phone, offline. No "cloud" processing where your financial info is sold to everyone or hacked by anyone ..

SECURE. Licences are affordable and valid for life. No risk to lose all because you missed a payment or pay a fortune to "recover" data.

Learn more at MyShop's webpage

AnT logo landscape

Advanced Notepad and Text editor
with Scipher™  & SecurePic™

Super simple to use as a Notepad, Memo or To-do list but also an Advanced text editor for Android.
Include Saubers Scipher™ to keep data private & send unaltered messages through social mediums (which block encrypted messages) & media viewers.

Learn more at AnT's webpage

PrivateCam logo landscape

PrivateCam for Android
with SecurePic™

With PrivateCam, every single photo stays private until you decide to share it.
Prevent your original shots from being sent all over the internet or sold to nefarious entities.
Include SecurePic™, Saubers highly secure encrypted photo format.

Learn more at PrivateCam's webpage

FOTO logo

Image viewer with SecurePic™

A special version of the awesome FOTO Viewer for PrivateCam users to view their SecurePic™ Encrypted images on a big screen.
Includes a full featured Audio Player

FOTO logo + FOTO logo

Learn more at FOTO's webpage

FOTO logo

FOTO for Android
Image viewer with SecurePic™

The mobile version of the awesome FOTO Viewer to view & convert SecurePic™ Encrypted images on a smartphone.
Includes Audio & Video Players

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Alpha 2 Player Saubers skin

ALPHA 2 Player 3.2 (Windows)
The Audiophile's Music Player

GAPLESS PLAYBACK Advanced Music Player.
4 players in one and tons of features but easy to use. We're using it since 2006!

Learn more at Alpha 2's webpage

Mystuff logo

Your Stuff, Anywhere, Anytime

Your most important, critical, life-saving data always available when you really need it.
Learn more at MyStuff's home page

Learn more at MyStuff's webpage

Drawing board (Active):

- POM: Media Player with encrypted media including SecureMedia (Photos, Text, Audio & Video)

- CUT: Frame accurate Lossless video cutter.

- SPDL: RISC/RAD programming framework.

Drawing board (Planned):

- BS: Browser Safe, no bullshit.

- Bonk Keyboard: The only way to send a message in total privacy.

- Icom Messenger: serverless, invisible, uncrackable.

- Pulsa: Easy way to sell cellphones credits.

- Android ID: Show Android ID & more info

* Linux & Windows based OS.