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Photo viewer with SecurePic™


Full Distro:
(Webp, Jxl & Audio codecs + Samples)

Latest Version: Feb 01/Win32 (5.7 MB)

- Win Xp to 10
- 386 processor
- 20 MB of HDD space
- 256 MB of RAM, 1 GB recommended

- Unzip the FOTO folder anywhere
- Open the FOTO folder
- Launch "FOTO.exe" to start the app

Exe only:
(Exe file only: NO Webp, Jxl or Audio)

FOTO is a stand-alone (Portable) app.
It does not require any other files.
You may copy the exe anywhere, like a USB stick, and start it. It's just 1.7 MB

MD5: 726b9a77056409c73f315210d1f44b77
(Check: Drag FOTO.exe into FOTO/Kryptor)

Folders info:

The "SysLib" folder contains optional plugins for images and audio formats.
(Required for Webp, JXL or Audio player)
(Webp is Required for SecurePic + mode)

The "Images" and "Audio" folders contains sample images and audio files for testing / Getting started etc ...

* On WinXP, Audio/Webp & JXL will not work
* On Linux, Webp & JXL will not work

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Files you may need:

Those are Windows libs used for Webp & JXl.
They should be copied to Windows\System32 on 32 bit system or Windows\SysWOW64 on 64 bit systems

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If you are adventurous, you may try the upcoming version. It is in developement, MAY NOT be stable and include a million bugs. Try at your own risk :)


Extract anywhere and Launch.
You do not need to overwrite your current exe; you can use BOTH versions at the same time.
Licence is still valid, even if you launch from a USB drive.
Settings are common.

If you need Webp / Jxl / Audio, just copy the original "SysLib" folder to the same folder as FOTO.exe

And please send us feedback if you'd like anything to be implemented.

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Test-Images in SecurePic format:
Usage: Drag & Drop these images into FOTO.
To view images which have a Password, you need first to Set a MasterPass for the Vault, then add the image password to the list

Pass: null (NoExt) Pass: '123' (.spic) Pass: null (.jpg) Pass: girl (zipped)

If Drag & Drop does not work:
- Right click on image,
- Click "Copy image address/url/location",
- Right click on FOTO, Click "Paste". (Or Menu/Open/Remote, right click, click "Paste", Click "OK".)

Drag & Drop works on real browsers:
Opera 8 to 18,
Firefox (Last tested: 101),
TOR browser (Last tested: 8.0),
SlimBrowser up to v 10.0, and more...

Drag & Drop does not works on spying browsers (blink..) as these decode image before giving it which obviously fails with SecurePic images. For these, use "Copy address".

If you have a website you may easily restrict viewing images to selected visitors this way:

<img src="realpic" width="80" height="80" alt="" style="display: inline-block; background-image: url('coverpic.jpg');" />

coverpic.jpg is a jpeg/png/gif equal to width x height. That is the image that is visible to everyone.

realpic is a SecurePic image, with or without password.
- Any filename may be used.
- Any extension may be used.
- Without a ".spic" extension, no one can know it is a SecurePic
- With a password, no one can know it is a SecurePic
The SecurePic image may be zipped (without pass), it will become a zip file. Again, any or no extension can be used. (Btw, there are zero benefit of zipping a SecurePic)

Next, just tell your selected visitors to drag the image into FOTO and give them the password if any. (Filename may be the password :)