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A Licence enables more Products, Features & Support. [View TUTORIAL]
All licences are valid for life.

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    NameProductsSupport   US$
    Iron Up to 20 1 day  8.98
    Bronze200 1 week  18.00
    Silver 600 1 mth  36.00
    Gold1200 3 mths  54.00
    Erium 5000 1 year  89.00
    Helix 20000 1 year 149.00
    Silver->Gold3000 3 mths 24.00
    Gold->Erium8000 1 year 39.00
    Silver->Erium8000 1 year 62.00
    Iron Over 10 Customers
    Bronze Print Reports
    2 Sales pages
    Silver Over 10 Users
    Print barcodes
    3 Sales pages
    Gold MyShop Printer unlimited:
    Print Prices & Text/Memos
    Save Reports as CSV
    4 Sales pages
    Erium Charts
    Bluetooth Scanner
    Helix Web Control Panel
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    Token (Voucher) will issue a Registration Code that is used to create a Licence Code later, at anytime, for any device/Serial No using the next section:  Get a Licence with a Token 
    A Token is best if you do not know the Serial No yet or want to gift it. Get a HUGE DISCOUNT if you buy many at once (Multiple shops or Reseller)

    Licence will issue a Licence Code for the Serial No given. Next, you will need to enter it into MyShop app (Settings/Upgrade) and click [Validate]. Make sure the Serial No is correct or it won't work !

    Serial No:

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  • *A $2 surcharge will apply for Licence Iron

    Email with:
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    2. Prefered payment method:

    3. Any enquiries you may have

    A Licence code will be emailed to you after payment.


    A Licence is
    - Valid for unlimited users on one device.
    - Persistant.*
    - An Erium Licence gives a Licence for other Saubers apps (AnT Notepad, PrivateCam, MyStuff, FOTO, Cropper, Pulsa etc...)

    * Your Licence will still be valid after you un-install and re-install MyShop, no need to purchase again.
    HOWEVER, due to changes in latest android versions:
    - 9+: It may be lost if you do a Factory reset.
    - 10+: It WILL be lost if you do a Factory reset or update Android version.

    It will be lost if you clear / format your internal memory card.

    We advise to keep a back-up of your Serial No and licence Code (on a piece of paper in your phone box).
    We also advise to use a valid email address so you can retrieve it from our Support Staff or get a new one.

    We also STRONGLY advise to NOT use Android 10 or above unless you know how to clean it.
    We also STRONGLY advise to Disable Any Auto-update, Any services, Any free apps.


    On ANY device ANY application CAN prevent ANY other application from running normally or even at all.

    An application like MyShop should run on a DEDICATED device (No other apps, no OS updates, No internet).

  • Saubers Technologies can in no way provides any warranty for any application including MyShop.

  • Saubers Technologies can in no way be responsible for your losses if MyShop is prevented from running by another application.

    The user is responsible for which applications run on its own device.

    If MyShop's data is important for you please make sure your system doesn't get modified after install.

    That means:
    - Use Original Android, without any pre-installed apps or services.
    - Disable any pre-installed apps or services.
    - NO "Free" apps of any type
    - No apps that have been uploaded to popular pleystores after 2018 Augustus 08.

    Real, honest apps are expensive to make.
    Social networks cost billions.
    If they are given free, there is a catch.