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Updated on 2018 June 07

SAUBERS TECHNOLOGIES doesn't collect any personal information when you visit this website.

SAUBERS TECHNOLOGIES agrees with the GDPR and has followed the same rules long before it existed.

SAUBERS TECHNOLOGIES's website doesn't require javascript but if enabled may be used for convenience like verifying a form's data before sending it.

SAUBERS TECHNOLOGIES's website doesn't require cookies though the feature may be used to keep your settings. Note that cookies may be necessary to keep you logged in or sending a form.

SAUBERS TECHNOLOGIES doesn't require real information like names or email addresses, nor verify it, but if your email is needed to reset a password you'd better had use one you have access to.

SAUBERS TECHNOLOGIES doesn't fingerprint your device. We do not use analytics or any other spying code from third parties.

SAUBERS TECHNOLOGIES doesn't provide free services to steal and sell your data. If you trust free services more than Saubers Technologies you're a total idiot and as we don't know how to deal with your specie we kindly ask you to get the fuck out of this website.

Info that is used / recorded when you visit this site:

• Your IP address is logged, like with any website as it is necessary to show you a webpage.
This info is deleted after about a month, unless related to suspicious activity in which case it will be sent to the relevant authorities.

• Headers sent by your browser may be used to format a page (for mobile / desktop), set a language, etc

• Any information you willingly enter in a form may be kept for an undetermined time. Passwords are always hashed and therefore not recoverable.

• Any information you send to us is intercepted by your Device vendor, OS provider, your ISP, Intelligence agencies, "Free" Email / Social networks / VPN / Apps, etc... Therefore SAUBERS TECHNOLOGIES is not responsible for any leakage of your data.
If you need to send confidential information use encryption.

Should we need anything from you, we'll ask.

Value your privacy

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