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The Gallery Screen

Photos are shown last on top
- Tap a Photo to open it in the Viewer
- LongTap a Photo to delete or rename it
- Tap [VIEW MORE] to expand the list

Tap the 3 dots Menu for the Options Menu

Options Menu

Show search
Search for photos using multiple words
Ex: "egg bik wif" will show all photos with EGGS, bike and wife in their title

Hide search
Hide the search panel and Shows Loaded / Total number of photos

Set how many photos to add to the list when you tap [VIEW MORE] (The last item in the list if there are more photos in the Gallery)

Delete Mode
Tap a Photo to delete it instead of viewing. A fast way to delete many unwanted photos.
Delete Mode can be close from the Back button and is automatically closed when you leave the Gallery.

View Mode
Close Delete mode. Tap a Photo to view it (Normal mode)

Refresh the Internal and the Gallery list

Contact Us

Email support
In App, Open Settings (the gear icon), Tap [SUPPORT]
(Requires a Licence.)