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What is it ?

SecurePic™ is an image format that is ALWAYS encrypted.

SecurePic™ support Lossy mode (like Jpg) with a Quality setting from 1 to 99 and Lossless mode (Like Png) when using a Quality setting of 100

SecurePic™ support Transparency in both modes and produces file sizes 20 to 50% smaller for the same visual quality.


For all practical purposes the encryption used in SecurePic™ is unbreakable (It would takes thousands of years)

The likelyhood of a SecurePic™ image to be cracked only depends on the strength of the password used to encrypt it.

A SecurePic™ image does NOT contains the password, does NOT have any header or any clue for decrypting it. It is just a file with random binary data.


An empty password still produce an encrypted image.
- In a SecurePic viewer (AnT, PrivateCam) it will be viewable using an empty password (Default saving pass), like a normal image.
- If an adversary does not know it is a SecurePic (Change the extension) it could not know what kind of file it is.

An truly random password of at least 8 characters would take decades to crack by skilled hackers.
Make it 12 and even state agencies are locked out.

SecurePic™ in PrivateCam

SecurePic™ photos are shown as a face icon in the Gallery. In the Viewer, the title is in an orange color and they are shown as a face icon when undecrypted.

The SAVING password
This is THE password that will automatically be used when taking photos in Secure mode.
You can set this password from the Settings, the Vault or a LongTap on the Lock icon.

VIEWING passwordS
These are passwords that will automatically be tried when opening photos in the Viewer.
You can add a password to this list from the Vault or by Taping on the orange title in the Viewer when the photo is undecrypted (showing a face).
You can clear the list by Taping on the orange title.

You can set a password reminder, or remove some, anytime you set a SAVING password.

The VAULT is the recommended way for setting / using passwords in SecurePic as you don't have to remember them all.
When the Vault is unlocked, ALL passwords in the list are used as VIEWING passwords.

Setting VIEWING or SAVING passwords that are not in the Vault's list do not add them to the list. DO NOT FORGET THAT
Those are separate systems. Not using the Vault is prefered for ephemeral / one time use.


SecurePic™ protect your privacy from both physical attack (nosy friends/Children) and online threats (rogue apps, social media, services, hackers).

A 1 letter password is useless but for a 7 yr 2 years old.

A 2 letters password is effective against kids/friends/family, but not if you have been arrested for smoking trees :)

A random 6 characters password is effective against most online threats, but not if you have insulted your president on tuiteur, gougle or fecebuk

A random 9 characters password is effective against Zukerburgstein, but not really against Snowden's friends.

A random 12 characters password gives you a lifetime to choose a new country.

1 letter: 10 to 26
2 letters: ~1000
6 random chars:   885 842 380 864
9 random chars:   833 747 762 130 149 888
12 random chars: 784 716 723 734 800 033 386 496

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