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The Settings Screen

Open the Settings page

Privacy mode

Tap the Lock icon (Top center) to switch modes. Long Tap to set a SAVING password in Secure mode.
A SAVING password is the password that will be used to encrypt photos when saving them.

Long Tap the text on the right of the Lock icon to view the current TimeOut setting.
The TimeOut is the time, from the moment PrivateCam is OFF screen, after which ALL passwords will be cleared from memory. The TimeOut is set in the Vault

Stealth mode

When checked, anytime PrivateCam is closed (Back button) or the camera is switched from Front Cam to Back Cam, Flash & Sound will be set to OFF and the camera will be set to Back Cam.
Secure mode can also be set if you check the "Stealth set SecurePic" option.

Viewer resample

When checked, if you view photos taken at high resolution the viewer will down-sample them to make viewing faster.
The original image is not modified, only the viewing.

Pic quality

Set the quality level when saving the image.
When saving as Webp, 100% equals lossless mode.


Tap "PrivateCamâ„¢" to show info about PrivateCam.
When saving as Webp, 100% equals lossless mode.

Version check

Tap the Version number to check the latest version on PrivateCam's web page.
This uses your browser as PrivateCam does not have internet access.

Get a Licence

Tap "GET ONE" to obtain a licence Key.

Validate / Register a Licence Key

Tap "Validate" to register your licence Key.


Tap the "HELP" button to load a helper file into a text viewer.
AnT is recommended as it can also view / edit SecurePic images.


Tap the "SUPPORT" button to request help from Saubers.
A Licence is required.

Vault button.
Tap this button to open the Vault.
If the Vault is locked you will be asked for the Master Password.

Language button.
Tap this button to set a language.
If your language is not in the list, download another one from the Download page or translate yourself, save it in your device "Download" folder then select "Custom" to load it.

Gallery button.
Tap this button to open the Gallery.
If the Gallery is locked (shows "Empty") you will need to open the Vault.

Contact Us

Email support
In App, Open Settings (the gear icon), Tap [SUPPORT]
(Requires a Licence.)