In-house skills

  - Consultation & design
  - Hardware: Analog, Digital, MCU (Microchip)
  - Software: Assembly, C, Pascal, Java, Basic
  - Web: PHP, Html5 (JS, CSS)

  - Restoration: Old / Damaged photos

Restored image

  - Editing: Shaping, Face-Off, etc...

  - Enhancing: From Dull to Sparkling!

Enhanced image

  - Painting, Drawing, Logos ...

Sample images

Note: Professional, manual work, painting when necessary (Not 1-click filters)

  - Desktop: Windows & Linux
  - Mobile: Android AOSP.
  - Custom web apps.

  - Recomendation: Save money! Tell us what you need and we'll recomend the best devices.
  - Enhancing: Give a new life to your old phone. Faster than new, long lasting battery.
  - Recovery / Flashing
  - Root & Secure: Remove Bloat & Spyware (Ggl Services). Add safe, privacy oriented apps.
  - Saubers ROM: Galaxy A5 2016, Sony XA Dual, Asus, ZTE ...

  - AlphaPal is now SimPal. Paypal & more (For developers)
  - Speakers: Box, Cross-Over & Combined/Real life response
  - Electronics: Analog & Digital circuits designs that works in real life for years

  - Website design: Work on any browsers from the last to next 20 years and any screens from a wap phone to a 4k TV, without javascript. Ultra efficient: Fast loading & low connection cost.
  - Easy Web presence: PresenceWeb, a reliable website that you can edit from any browser including phones, zero skill required.
  - Domain Names & Hosting: Saubers.Networks handle Domain registrations with a low renewal cost ($2 to 12) and provide 1st class hosting on our servers (EU & US)

- We've got great "connections". Nothing is impossible, just ask ✔