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This new website is based on my WebAgnostic project. It adapt itself to any screen size, resolution or orientation and to about any browser from the last to the next 20 years.
Without javascript. Or even css. And it's extremely fast, even on GPRS :)
If you'd like a website that is trully accessible by absolutely everyone, you should test this page on anything you can find, low end dumb phones, hi-res phablets, TVs, Tablets, laptops, etc...
It will be available later as an app that you just upload to your host once, as all the editing is done directly from the browser. No need to learn any programming.
A website that anyone can use and everyone can see. Finally! :)

I stopped the hardware design and manufacturing side, though I may still do one more project, a small thing ...

I'm currently working on Android (first)/ PC apps. True secure stuff that let you browse, download, view, edit, save and share with friends in absolute privacy. Coming in 2016...

2017 already, I know I'm late, but I'm in love with a cutieful Princess, so yeah <3

J. Saubers

This is Main site (Vegas)