Hi! What's up?

Me? Oh, I've not been so well, I'm getting old, anything physical is quicly becoming a burden, so I closed the hardware design and manufacturing side, though I may still do one more project, a small thing ...

I cannot support Alpha 2 player anymore, but there will be a replacement soon, and multi-platform. This one:

You'll just have to wait the linux and android version to be done :) Of course it will be free for Alpha 2 owners

Btw, this is what my new site will look like:

Ultra light and fast on any screen from a 240px Nokia to a 50" TV. Build directly from the site, No need to learn html or upload anything! Can replace all social apps, no spying , no account deleted! Yes, it is developed as an app and You'll be able to use it too :)

I'm currently working on Android (first)/ PC apps. True secure stuff that let you browse, download, view, edit, save and share with friends in perfect privacy. Coming soon, but this one first because I really neeed it myself:

J. Saubers

Main site. Vegas.