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Upgrade a Lite Edition

A Licence remove the limitations of a Lite edition. It enables saving / Converting to SecurePic & other formats without limits, using Quantum mode and backing-up the Vault Password list.

and Still Only $9.60

  • Get an INSTANT Licence
  • With Card, PayPal, Bitcoin ...
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  • Get a Licence with a Token
  • Also called Registration Code / Licence Key

  • Get a Licence from a PERSON

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    Certified Agent

  • Request using EMAIL
  • *A $2 surcharge will apply

    Email with:
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    3. Any enquiries you may have

    A Licence code will be emailed to you after payment.


    A Licence is
    - Valid for one user on one device.
    - Persistant.*

    * Your Licence will still be valid after you un-install and re-install FOTO, no need to purchase again.
    However, due to google incompatibilities in latest android versions, it may be lost if you do a factory reset.
    It will be lost if you clear / format your internal memory card.
    We advise to keep a back-up of your Serial No and licence Code (on a piece of paper in your phone box).
    We also advise to use a valid email address to retrieve it.


    Get Licence Codes with huge discount !

    FOTO is the best image viewer on android and many people would gladly pay a few dollars for it's full use.
    Unfortunately, to reach these people, developers need to spend a fortune on marketing, google ads, etc, which makes the price of an app prohibitive, or to infest it with spyware and ads, which is against Saubers policies.
    We have then created a system where anyone can resell licences without promotional costs, using word of mouth, social media followers or personal networks.
    If facebook, twitter or instagram is your thing, you can make a great income without investement, by just promoting FOTO and set your own price, lower than our $9.95 list price.

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