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Get a licence to upgrade FOTO with Save as SecurePic, Batch ops, Super Wipe and more
All licences are valid for life.

Only 19.60 (promo)  
QuantityUnit price
1 Token19.60
2 to 512.74
6 to 209.80
21 to 1006.80
100 +4.90

  • First, get a Token  
  • A Token let you get a Licence code on any device, even without internet.
    A Token is a Registration Code (or Voucher) that is used to create a Licence Code later, at anytime, for any device (PC, Phone ...) using the next section:  Get a Licence with a Token 

    With Paypal or bank Card

    If you can't buy online, Request here. We accept bank transfer, gold and diamonds :)

    If you have PrivateCam for Android, Send us your Serial & Licence Numbers for a Discount.

    If you bought Tokens and did not get them, CLAIM HERE.

  • Get a Licence with a Token  
  • Get a Licence Code for a Specific device using its Serial Number and a Token.
    Your Serial Number is CRITICAL. A Licence will only work on the device with the Serial Number given.
    To find your serial Number:
    • Open FOTO on the device you want to licence.
    • Open the MENU (M key / 3 dots icon).
    • Click on "Help" then "About".
    Your Serial Number is the number on the right of "Serial No". (See image below)

    If the device has internet, click on [Get] to open this page on your browser. The Serial Number will be set automatically, avoiding mistakes.
      Serial No:

    To register your Licence, Open FOTO, Menu/Help/About, then enter the Licence Code into the "Licence No" box and click [Get]


    A licence is valid for life, for 1 (One) Serial Number (1 Computer).

    You may use FOTO on any drive, including USB.

    You may test "Save as SecurePic" before you buy by saving an image that is no larger than 160 x 160 pixels.

    You may test images up to 640 x 640, for free, by using PrivateCam.

    Even if you do not need it, we kindly ask you to purchase a Token. That is the only source of income for the programmers, and ensure FOTO will be updated.

    Any special or money-making feature will require a licence.

    Free Versus licenced:
    View SecurePic  No limitNo limit
    Save as Spic Max 160 pxNo limit
    Batch OpsAvailable
    Super ShredderAvailable
    File Decryption  No limitNo limit
    File Encryption  Max 100 KB  No limit

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