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ALPHA 2  v3  (2021)
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Note from the developer

ALPHA 2 is my personal player, not a commercial app.
It is designed to be the best for my needs, not to steal data from users. Therefore I get no income by publishing it.
However, ALPHA 2 Player is offered free of charge in the hope donations will allow to develop it further.

While ALPHA 2 will work forever (there is no time limit), after 3 months of use, I kindly ask you to get a license if it suits you, or stop using it if it doesn't.

Anyway, while the Player itself is totally free, some components either require a patent license or are of such size that I cannot afford the download costs, so a license will also give you full access to the extra features.

Let's combine our ressources to make the Media player of the future.

J. Saubers

The future of ALPHA 2

The future of Alpha 2 is ALPHA 3

ALPHA 3 is a Media player (Audio, Video, Images, Text) whose most important feature is ENCRYPTED media that protect your photos, videos and texts.
It also has a new (amazing) UI that runs on Win, Linux and Android.

The current ALPHA 2 features will still be finalized (Karaoke, ...) but few new features are planned, unless requested by (registered) users.


Alpha Player (Alpha 1) was started in 2001 as there was no satisfactory players at the time.
It was rewritten in 2006 as ALPHA 2 Player and, at the insistance of friends, published in 2010.
A few hundred thousands download later it was removed as it was obvious the world still didn't understand the meaning of "If the app is free you're the product".
Of course I continued adding the features I needed and 10 years later it is now V 3.1 going on V 3.2

Foto Crop
Alpha 1, now 20 years old. Still young!

What makes ALPHA 2 special ?

- High quality playback
- Fast opening, under 100 ms for audio playing, + 100 for UI
- Instantly playing a new song
- Gapless playback
- Compact but features rich UI
- Start / End markers
- Speed / Pitch adjust
- Mixer Library <-> Main player
- High quality conversions / CD rip
- Lossless conversions & Trimming
- All playlists access in ONE click
- Windows Mixer access
- Friendly Internet Radio
- Transparency
- Wallpaper (& Covers as wallpaper)
- Karaoke mode
- Safe ALPHA Tags / Covers (Doesn't rewrite audio file)

What ALPHA 2 doesn't have ?

- Cue sheets
- Replay Gain
- Useless visualizations
- Other useless stuff

ALPHA 2 is about MUSIC, not emojis

What music ALPHA 2 is tested with ?

- Bach, Telemann, Homilius, Vivaldi
- Bach and other Baroque composers
- Bach cantatas with Trebles
- Trebles without Bach
- Handel with Emma Kirby
- Harnoncourt, Leonardt, Cleobury ...
- Tolzer, Thomaner, Wiener ...
- Jarousky, Jarrett, Fray
- Nora the piano cat
- Alt rock, Blues, Jazz rock
- Frequency generator

Is ALPHA 2 buggy ?

Of course ! All apps have some bugs.
The good news is I use ALPHA 2 many hours everyday so most bugs are quickly fixed.
The bad news is I have only one PC left and can't afford a new one so testing on Windows 10 is limited.
I know everything works on Win 10, when it does, as some combinations of Win10 and Anti-virus may prevent starting and require some medling ...

Anyway, you're welcome to report bugs but don't expect miracles. Donations haven't been, and certainly won't be, enough to buy a new PC.
Your best bet is to use a free player and bear their own bugs. (Don't forget to smile on all your selfies and sign your messages with "I love Bill, Mark, Jack and Sundai!")

Sebina “Il lettore supercompatibile”
by Sebina Pulvirenti from Softonic

What to ask from an audio player ?
If you care that it faithfully reproduces all your music whatever the format, with the best sound quality, ALPHA 2 Player is the program for you: light and essential ... more

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