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OS: Win 98 SE, XP/ME/NT, Vista, 7, 10
Disk space:
24 MB
100 Mhz
16 colors

Installer: Run Alpha2_310_Setup.exe
Portable: Extract Alpha2_310_Portable.7z
Start Alpha2 (Alpha2.exe in the Install folder)

MD5 Hashes:
Installer: ac22a37b96b71483fd1f484fad634c40
Alpha2.exe: 49db9e610a7756071c1ffe28c1090edd

PowerPacks & Updates

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Alpha 2 Latest version (1.1 MB)

Alpha2.exe.7z   v 3.2.0
Extract and overwrite Alpha2.exe  
Version 3.2.0   (from 3.1.1)

- Fixed occasional loss of registration status
- Fixed Change Ogg cover
- Fixed Change Opus cover
- Top info text display east european chars
- Playlist display & Prop display east european chars
    (Xiph, Mpeg, Ape, Riff, ID3v1, ID3v2, Wma)
- Prepared some stuff for full unicode version (Russian, chinese ...)
- Saved Cover images now include full path:
      C^music^bach^piano^BWV 1089.flac.jpg
  Prevent same filenames in different folders getting the wrong image
  Please use v 3.2 to update filenames as next version will NOT read old format
  (To update just open the files or Save cover)

Version 3.1.1   (from 3.1.0)

[Mini Player]
- Fixed Volume too low / Balance
- Disabled Promo/Check4virus/CheckVersion when minimized

Version 3.1.0   (from 3.0.8/3.0.0)

- Compatibility code for Win 10
- UAC checks & error detection for Win 10
- Fixed crash in Win 10

- Smoother App Icon

- Check for Update (Open browser)

- Device: Show Alpha 2 full version & (location)
- Device: Open location folder
- Device: Check Update button (Open browser)

- Open at 27 px from top & left (Win 10 fix)
- Added Minimize button

- Added write permission check

Alpha 2 Latest Installer (8 MB)

Alpha2_310_Setup.exe   v 3.1.0
Just run it to install / update

Alpha 2 Latest Portable (8 MB)

Alpha2_310_Portable.7z   v 3.1.0
Extract and Run Alpha2.exe in folder 'Alpha2v3'

CodecPowerPack 2020 (8 MB)

Contains all extra Codecs and Plugins (Extractor, FDK, FhG, lossyWav, etc...)
1) Extract CodecPowerPack_2020.7z to \Alpha2v3\TempFiles\
3) Click [Register a Powerpack]

MidiPowerPack 2020 (35 MB)

Contains 3 awesome sound fonts: Chorium, Reality, Roland
Extract MidiPowerPack_2020.7z to \Alpha2v3\Midi\
Note: You can put any SF2 fonts in this folder, open Settings / Midi to select one.

Oops! Pic is lost

Covers Pack   (20-12 - 2 MB)

Unique Artwork of Composers and Singers for use as Album Cover.

Oops! Pic is lost

Audio Pack   (21-03 - 38 MB)

Rare or audio enhanced from 1933 to now. Mostly Bach, Baroque, Trebles and some gems.

Audio Pack 21-02 (2021 feb)

1) Aria, Tenor (In memoriam, Peter Schreier)
BWV 4.4 Jesus Christus, Gottes Sohn - Peter Schreier, 2000

2) Adagio, Soprano
Ad te supiramus (Porpora) - Sonia Pina, 2012

3) Duet Treble / Bass (In memoriam, Gustav Leonhardt)
BWV 32.5 Nun verschwinden alle Plagen - Walter Gampert, Max van Egmond (G. Leonhardt), 1972

4) Aria, Treble
BWV 75.5 Ich Nehme Mein Leiden Mit Freuden Auf Mic - Markus Klein (Leonhardt), 1989

5) Karaoke (Enable "Show Lyrics" in Settings / Player)
Let It Be - Beatles

6) Alternative
Born, never asked - Laurie Anderson (Big Science), 1982

7) Karaoke (Enable "Show Lyrics" in Settings / Player)
Abacab - Genesis

8) Russian Jewel
Chana - Juriy Demodovich, 2016

9) Gregorian
O Quam Tristis (Vivaldi) - Tristan Hambleton, 2002

10) Choir
BWV 172.1 Erschallet, ihr Lieder, erklinget, ihr Saiten - Hannover Boys Choir, 1985

11) Stuff of legend from the 60's
Aria, Ein megd, ein dienerin Cantilena (Haydn) - Peter Hornung, Regensburger Domspatzen, 1960


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