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MyShop™ for Android

Download the latest version of MyShop.
Without licence you may use up to 4 products and try before you buy, forever!
A demo mode with samples is provided for quick learning. No ads, no time limit.

  Download MyShop 

BarcodeScanner for MyShop

Install this app to scan Barcodes from within MyShop (Size: 590 KB)

  Download BarcodeScanner


Install this app to take private photos from within MyShop (Size: 456 KB)

  Download PrivateCam

Simple keyboard

Install this app to type your data safely from within MyShop (Size: ~ 800 KB)

  Download Simple keyboard

Internal languages

Use these files to make a traduction in your own language.
(Some have not been fully reviewed and may be incorrect)

English / English / Anglais
Français / French / Français
Español / Spanish / Espagnol
Русский / Russian / Russe
中文 / Chinese / Chinois
Bahasa / Bahasa / Bahasa

You are welcome to send us your own translation.

Additional languages

Use these files if your language is not included in MyShop.

Deutsch / German / Allemand
Corsu / Corsican / Corse
Nederland / Dutch / Hollandais
Português / Portugese / Portuguais


Make sure the file is named as: MyShop_Lang_french.txt
1) Copy the file to the Download or bluetooth folder
2) Open MyShop Settings
3) Tap on the Flag
4) Select "Custom", the last option before CLOSE

The FIRST line in the file should be the name of the language in its own language.
Ex: Français, Dansk, Português, Русский, 中文

On Android 11+, this feature may not work if you keep auto-updates ON. The latest updates may totally block access to the file system.